Roshei Eidah

Ezra Erlbaum

Ezra Erlbaum finished 11th grade at the Mesivta High School of Greater Philadelphia. Next year he is attending Yeshivat Shraga in Israel. A fun fact about Ezra is that he loves playing basketball. In his free time he enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends and family. Ezra looks forward to many games of […]

Yosef Pechter

Yosef Pechter is one of the Roshim of Melechet Yad. He brings his 3D modeling and VFX experience to life in the art room, along with his high energy. Yosef is so excited to teach chanichim all about art this summer at MBGP!

Meir Rudenstein

Meir Rudenstein is one of the co-heads of Melechet Yad. Some of his skills are in digital art and realistic drawings which he uses to help teach the campers. Meir looks forward to an amazing summer filled with creativity and fun in Melechet Yad!

Ayana Vilensky

Ayana Vilensky just finished her national service (שירות לאומי) at Kohelet Yeshiva Lab School where she taught Ivrit. She loves kids and is so excited to plan fun peulot for the chanichim this summer!

Yitzchak Glasman

Yitzchak Glasman is an educator, specialist teacher, language tutor, and gardener. He grew up in France where he played soccer, tennis, golf and handball with the school team. He spent 7 years with the French Jewish scouts where he gained summer camp experiences. Yitzchak is so excited to teach and play sports with all of […]

Yaffa Troodler

Yaffa Troodler just graduated from Kohelet Yeshiva High School this past year and next year will be attending Tiferet in Ramat Beit Shemesh. She is a certified Lifeguard and is certified in CPR and first aid. She spends a lot of time in the pool and loves teaching kids how to swim. She is so […]

Gabriella Gindoff

Gabriella Gindoff is a Sophomore at Penn State Abington, where she is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Gabi has been an active participant in Bnei Akiva, having served as a Madricha and then Rosh Snif of Bnei Akiva of Philadelphia, and working at Moshava Ba’ir of Greater Philadelphia. When she isn’t planning events […]